Top 5 Facts About Futurama You Should Know

Futurama is an awesome show, but even with its massive popularity, there are still a lot of things about it that are unknown to a lot of people. Today, we’ll be looking at the Top 5 things that you need to know about Futurama. If you are a hardcore fan, you might already know about some of these. But just as Special Discounts are always welcome when you are shopping, you can never know enough about this amazing show. You can “have a blast with groupon kortingscode nieuwe klant” or have a blast with groupon discount code new customer.futurama

Name’s Origin

First off, the show’s name actually came from an exhibit during the New York World’s Fair back in 1939. At that time, the concept of “The World of Tomorrow” was still quite popular in the US. That year, one of GM’s submissions was a model city that was meant to represent the future: It was called “Futurama.”

Actual Geniuses Onboard

Often praised for its intelligent writing and references, Futurama embodied nerd humor in ways few other programs could match. It turns out that this is because there were actual mathematics and scientific geniuses working on the show. Among them was the numbers wizard David X. Cohen and Ken Keeler. These aren’t your average Tech Blog jockeys.

Unbelievable Level of Foreshadowing

futuramaFuturama was known for foreshadowing events in episodes that would happen years after the hint was given. One example was the shadow that briefly appeared on-screen during the pilot episode of the show when Fry was frozen and then revived in the future. Fast-forward to Season 4 and it was revealed that the shadow actually belonged to Nibbler who intentionally went back in time and pushed fry into the cryo-chamber.

Time Investment

One of the biggest reasons why Futurama became such a beloved series is the quality of each and every single episode. This is no surprise since one episode could take up to a year to make, from planning to execution. That’s why the staff has been wanting to have a vacation and using discounts like this agoda discount voucher code can be handy. You can check out some Amsterdam Hotels in der Nähe des Flughafens unterhalten to save more money when travelling.

Almost Did Not Air

Finally, it turns out that Futurama almost did not air. The reason being the usual paranoia and resistance from network executives who thought that the show was too edgy. Some of the staff created a blog to reach viewers and they just need few tips on how to drive targeted traffic to your website.

Piet Hoffmann


Piet is obsessed with Futurama and fell in love with the show from the pilot episode. While Futurama has since been permanently axed, there are still a lot of episodes available for a new generation of viewers to enjoy. This is why Piet talks about this amazing show that he loves.

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