Things you never knew about Futurama

The Futurama show dipped in popularity since it’s golden era, but Fox still ended up with an emotionally satisfying ending. Although the series has been assigned to the cancelled bin forever, we will honour its memories and speak about more subtle details.

The show was almost called “Doomsville” and “Aloha Mars” after the comedy in Meta joke. According to Groenig’s he raised a couple of different names like “Aloha Mars” and “Doomsville”. Thank goodness they rejected those names. The final name of the title came from a 1939 General Motors World’s fair stall that showed what life would be like in 20 years. There are stage performances in Amsterdam that you can enjoy and “finding goedkope hotels in Amsterdam nabij treinstation online is easy” or finding cheap hotels in Amsterdam near train station online is easy.

Some of the features are so hidden that one might think they are original to the show. The obvious ones like the lightsaber that is used by the police with the official sabre sound come from Starr Trek. When you hear the sliding doors or a passing car you hear a sound effect that is very old. You will find the sounds in the soundtrack of Starr Trek and the Jetsons amongst others. If you are good at “choosing a goedkoopste internet tv en bellen pakket over others” or choosing a cheapest internet tv and calling package about others, you can watch all the series online.

The writers of the show spiced it up with a secret language. Every fan is aware there is a secret language in Futurama, but what they do not know, was that the writers of the show did not think that the words will be decoded as fast as it was. What isn’t known is that there was a second much more complex language used to stump the fans. There were reports of a third language hiding in the show, but no solution has been found indicating it is most probably just nonsense.

Did you notice that there are a lot of owls in New New York, it is because in the Futurama world they are the new generation of vermin? To get rid, the NNY of rats and pigeons’ hordes of owls came into the streets, but regrettably, they ended up to be much worse than the pests that they were trying to eliminate. Initially, the front and centre running joke in the show, it was later dropped off in the seasons. But if you look closely, you will still see them popping up in the odd episode.

Back in the year when the show has cancelled the writers did not know what their last episode was going to be. Leaving lots of possibilities for a finale. A poison induced hallucination that made Curtis Fry die would have been an exciting show for an ending. For viewers, it would look like they have killed off the main character. Thankfully Fox ended the show in a far more emotional note. Then they likely intended. It’s time for you to get your own Anne Frank Museum i amsterdam card and just enjoy travelling after watching the whole series.

When Fry arrives in the future his clothes seem out of date, it comes from the height of cool. The designers based his outfit on James Deans’ outfit in Rebel without a cause.

Philip J. Fry got his name after Phil Hartman, who sadly passed away before the show began.

Above mentioned are some things you probably did not know about Futurama. Some feel the show must go on and it is in some way with Netflix releasing Disenchantment.