To get a good start on the show, I recommend everyone who does not yet know Futurama, at least download the first five episodes of the first season and look at. In the German version, the pilot for the series is called “Zeit und Raum 3000” and this broadcast is absolutely important in order to get the right start and to understand what pizza delivery Fry does in the 31st century. In the second episode “His First Flight to the Moon” you will get to know the supplier Planet Express and many of the main characters of the series. The third part, “New York Housing Search”, focuses on the Bender robot, one of the funniest characters in the series. In the fourth episode “Encounter with Zapp Brannigan” you get to know Space captain Zapp Brannigan, an absolutely successful parody of Captain Kirk from the series Star Trek, also introduced the Nibbler, a small pet made of black matter. The fifth part, “Planet of the Robots”, finally begins the “normal” adventures of our heroes.

I’m sure you can be sure after all these five episodes if you like the show or not. I’ve been told that there really should be people who either did not understand the humor of Futurama or whose humor is at home on another space-time level. Well, it does not have to please everyone. When I told one of my friends about my five-episode theory, he said it might be better to first watch a few absolute series classics. If you like this approach, you will find the best episodes of the series here , for example . I still think that you should first see the entry before you watch more episodes, but of course everyone can hold as he wants.