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What has made Futurama so popular with fans is the spreading of jokes and gags that are hidden from the majority of viewers and can only be accessed by those who are looking for them. You find more information about the popular series online as easy as when you “find more wanneer zorgverzekering afsluiten 18 jaar online reviews” or find more when health insurance conclude 18 years online reviews. Taking this seriously, fans began to record the episodes of Futurama and then explore image after image for hidden jokes on a freeze frame. As already described elsewhere, for example, a special language has been developed, the so-called “extraterrestrial”, which appears in many episodes of the series, but sometimes only for a few seconds in the background. It’s not easy to find discounts if you want to purchase the series collection online and it’s a challenge to find código promocional uber eats. Since the font contains a complete alphabet, the fans can translate the extraterrestrial characters. It usually came out short slogans that revolve around eating human flesh. Other jokes can only be decrypted if you bring appropriate expertise. For example, the apartment number of Bender’s apartment is 00100100, which is converted from the computer language ASCII to the dollar sign – a clear indication of Bender’s greed for money.

As the creators of the series took the trouble to hide jokes for the fans, they felt taken seriously and honored. To understand other jokes in Futurama you have to bring special scientific knowledge. For example, in one episode beer bottles are shown resembling chemical experiment bottles. Fittingly, the beer is called “Klein’s beer”. Only chemistry students should decode this joke. David Cohen said in an interview: “The working principle of Futurama was that you can make a joke that only one percent of the audience understands, as long as it does not disturb the enjoyment of the masses. And this one percent will become a lifetime fan. ” There a lot of information you can find online and you can even try this tip on how to günstig parken flughafen berlin brandenburg.