What Is Futurama?

Futurama is an animated show that started back in the late 90s featuring the adventures of a pizza delivery guys out of his time and an incredible team of space adventurers.

Where Did The Name Futurama Come From?

The name Futurama can actually be traced all the way back to the 30s, during a technology showcase event where a concept city of the future was on display. It was called Futurama.

Is Futurama Still Airing?

Unfortunately, no. The show has been axed for the last time several years ago.

Should I Watch Futurama?

Only if you want to see one of the best shows in TV history ever!

What Makes Futurama So Special?

The witty writing, the snappy dialogue, and the love that went into crafting every episode.

Why Is Futurama’s Writing So Smart?

Futurama was co-created and was worked on by actual geniuses who really were experts in math and science.