Everything About Futurama

Anyone who begins to engage in a bit of the Futurama television series or science fiction series in general will quickly come across many very interesting details, all of which have to do with the here and now. Because, as futurama inventor Matt Groening said so aptly: “The secret of the whole science fiction: It’s not about the future, it’s about the here and now.” Once you understand that, you can see the series with completely different eyes and easily apply many of the issues raised to today’s current situations. You might be thinking what to do in the netherlands besides Amsterdam? You can still watch your favorite series while you are travelling.


What particularly fascinates me are the many details that make up a television series that you would never think about as a normal viewer. Did you know, for example, that two complete languages ​​were developed for Futurama? In order to represent the extraterrestrial writing as lifelike as possible, alphabets were invented that make the background images, often interpreted as hieroglyphics, or graffiti translatable for experts. Each symbol has its equivalent in the alphabet and if you have the key, you can translate the extraterrestrial messages into English. In the opening sequence of the series you see, for example, a billboard with extraterrestrial font which translates as “Delicious people burger” praises. Just incredible how many details in a TV series have to be considered. Funny is also that in the 31. French is considered a dead language, for French television this has been changed, where German is the extinct language. The more one deals with the series, the more anecdotes and little interesting information can be discovered. I will keep you up to date. You can get cheap Madame Tussauds Amsterdam tickets kaufen on tech blogs and reviews related about the series. If you want to get internet service for updates about the series, you need to “compare the glasvezel internet providers vergelijken” or compare the fiber optic internet providers.