What Made Futurama Special

Futurama is one of those rare shows that reached the height of greatness that few could deny. It is often hailed as one of, if not, THE BEST animated TV series ever created. Its popularity even got to the point where there are stacks of Offers & Coupons specifically intended for its merchandise. So what exactly made this show so special for it to reach the status that it has?

Well, the answer to this question can be tricky since it has generational elements to it. However, broadly speaking, Futurama became such a legend of a show due to a few important aspects coming together in perfect harmony. As easy as “getting a bezienswaardigheden amsterdam gouden eeuw tour package” or getting a sights amsterdam golden century tour package, you find more information about Futurama online.

Reveling In The Absurd Future

The future is never set in stone and regardless of how futurists might claim to know how it will look like, you can never really tell what new technologies will become mainstream or what trends will come about. As such, Futurama simply decided to go crazy with how it will actually portray the future. The result is absurdity on an epic scale.


On-Point References

No matter how crazy and farfetched the show got with its antics, though, Futurama still needed to be grounded somewhat. As such, its references needed to be relevant and on-point, and boy were they ever. It’s this ability to poke fun at current-day events in a futuristic standpoint that simultaneously distances the show from the situation while keeping things familiar for the viewers.

Razor-Sharp Humor


Finally, Futurama arguably had some of the smartest comedic writing in the industry. We’re not talking about making quips or jokes simply for the purposes of making the audience laugh; rather, to also make them think. The liberal use of scientific symbolism and references to induce laughter is proof of this. You can “save more using albelli kortingscode 10 euro” or save more using albelli discount code 10 euros.

The show’s characters or environment don’t just point things out for the sake of doing so. Concepts like multiverses, TV-addicted aliens, and many others all reinforce the sharp, witty humor that Futurama was known for. You can shop the series collection online and use bol.com kortingscode nieuwe klant to save big.

Piet Hoffmann


Piet is obsessed with Futurama and fell in love with the show from the pilot episode. While Futurama has since been permanently axed, there are still a lot of episodes available for a new generation of viewers to enjoy. This is why Piet talks about this amazing show that he loves.

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